macOS Monterey wallpaper variations in light and dark mode

Last week during WWDC21, Apple announced updates to all hardware system software, with macOS Monterey getting some solid screen time. New features are there, but no major updates year over year, which begs the question, why did the name move from macOS 11 to macOS 12, when it took more than a decade to justify the name change from OS X to macOS 11. I digress.

One thing the iDB Wallpapers of the Week fans were excited to get was a brand spanking new official Apple wallpaper. Today, we have creative macOS Monterey wallpaper variants for all devices.

macOS wallpaper variants

The first set of modded variants is the creative work of @MattBirchler, who manages the Birchtree blog, a tech-specific blog since 2010. Like us, Matt loves a good wallpaper and you can check out his own curated gallery for more.

The following images are massive 6016 x 6016 images that are going to perfectly fit on any screen you throw it against, including up to 6K monitors. They look fantastic on my new 4.5k 24″ iMac! Each image is offered in a Light and Dark mode variant.

macOS Monterey wallpaper idownloadblog mattbirchler variant 2 blue green

macOS variant wallpaper in blue and green Light mode

macOS variant wallpaper in blue and green Dark mode

Pink macOS Monterey wallpaper variant Light mode

Pink macOS Monterey variant wallpaper Dark mode

macOS Monterey wallpaper idownloadblog mattbirchler variant 4 black and white

Black and white macOS Monterey modded wallpaper in Light mode

Black and white modded macOS wallpaper in Dark Mode 

If you are a savvy wallpaper lover, you may be wondering if you can set these up to automatically switch with macOS’ Light and Dark mode. You would be correct, but you need the right file type, an .HEIC version. You can download the HECI dynamic versions on Matt’s site. Also, make sure to check out my how to set Dynamic Wallpapers post to get yourself up and running.

I was able to find an additional modded version that was specific to iPhone. Below, this purple, sunset style Monterey mod was created by @evgeniyzemelko. He is regularly posting great wallpapers to his Twitter feed and I tracked this one down last week.

macOS Monterey purple sunset modded wallpaper for iPhone

If you made it this far down the post, you clearly love great wallpapers for your Apple hardware. I encourage you to connect with me via @jim_gresham, where I curate the iDB Wallpapers of the Week collection! Please, send tips and downloads my way so they can be considered for our Sunday post! You will also find mid-week downloads, retweets of great images I find along the way, and general tech banter, which is currently centered around Spatial Audio.

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