macOS Monterey official wallpapers

Apple announced the latest update for its desktop line, macOS Monterey at WWDC on June 7, 2021. With experiences for FaceTime like SharePlay, iMessage photo collections, and group tabs for Safari, the new upgrade has something for everyone. One thing that we want for the iDB Wallpapers of the Week community is that hot new macOS Monterey wallpaper.

macOS Monterey wallpapers

With each edition of any Apple software, a brand new stock wallpaper is released. On announcement day, we scramble to find a photo quality image. Preferably, we are able to snag one that is extracted from the beta, not a recreation or one pulled from the Apple site.

We have exactly what we’ve been looking for. Thanks to our regular assistant @Red1860 for extracting the following downloads!

The following images are both 6k resolution 6016 x 6016. This means it is perfect for up to 6k monitors, if you happen to have a Pro XDR display. Also, you can easily add it to the 4.5k 24″ iMac, iPad Pro, or your iPhone! It will be photo quality either way.

macOS Monterey wallpaper Light

macOS Monterey wallpaper light mode

macOS Monterey wallpaper Dark

macOS Monterey wallpaper dark mode

We also received a tip from @BasicAppleGuy via Reddit for a version that is a Dynamic Wallpaper and it will automatically change with your macOS System Preferences. If you are looking for how to set custom Dynamic Wallpaper or to create your own, we’ve got you covered. The HEIC file that dynamically changes with your macOS settings toggle can be downloaded via our direct link.

It was revealed to us by @Red1860 that the original macOS Monterey stock wallpaper will be coming to the final, public version of the software with a dynamic version! Originally, only a light and dark mode version were released. However, we now have all 8 still images from the dynamic version and you can download the automatically changing file. The full dynamic wallpaper is 98MB, so give it some time!

Red also determined that a brand new macOS Monterey screen saver inspired by the dynamic wallpaper should also be coming with the final, public version of the OS.

macOS Monterey still 1

macOS Monterey still 2

macOS Monterey still 3

macOS Monterey still 4

macOS Monterey still 5

macOS Monterey still 6

macOS Monterey still 7

macOS Monterey still 8

If you love wallpapers, then come back every Sunday when we drop new wallpapers for all your favorite Apple devices. You can get a sneak peak by following me via @jim_gresham, or send me a download link for your favorite wallpapers and they may be featured in next week’s drop!