iPadOS 15 welcomes better widget support and adds the App Library

One of the biggest features Apple added with iOS 14 last year was the App Library. It did not make the cut for iPadOS 14 at the time. But Apple is now fixing that, while also expanding widget support for good measure.

Apple made some interesting decisions when it came to widget support for the iPad last year. The new widgets were well received across the board, but Apple’s move to limit where they could be placed was a head scratcher. Namely, the fact users couldn’t place any widgets on the Home Screen, despite its bigger screen size compared to an iPhone.

But Apple’s here to change that with iPadOS 15. And, what’s more, the App Library is finally making the leap to Apple’s bigger portable devices, too.


First and foremost, iPadOS 15 welcomes the ability to place widgets anywhere on the Home Screen. Well, mostly. Apple still has some restrictions in that regard. However, the fact that you can even put them on the Home Screen at all should be a welcomed change for iPad users who also like widgets.

It certainly opens the door to more personalization. And, for heavy widgets users, should make those even more helpful, too. What’s more, Apple is adding an extra large widget size for iPadOS 15, too. Apple’s looking to take advantage of that larger screen size, it sounds like.

There are also new widgets for the App Store, Contacts, Mail, Find My, and Game Center.

App Library

Automatically arranging apps in a helpful way is one of iOS 14’s strengths. And now it’s coming to the iPad. With the App Library, the software will automatically organize your apps into helpful categories, and also store them out of sight. So now you can find categories like Recently Added, Productivity, Games, Utilities, Social, and more. These will be created based on the apps you have installed.

Resource: How to move apps in and out of App Library

With the App Library, this also means iPad users will be able to remove unneeded Home Screens.

iPadOS 15 will have its public launch sometime this fall. Are you looking forward to it?