A look at the Siri Remote’s new jog shuttle mechanism for easy scrubbing through video

There’s been confusion regarding video scrubbing on an Apple TV using the revamped Siri Remote so here’s a nice little video explainer showing you how to use Apple’s new jog control.


  • Apple’s redesigned Siri Remote features reimagined clickpad control.
  • The clickpad supports directional swipes, like the original one.
  • Plus, it brings a jog control feature for easy video scrubbing.

Apple’s new Siri Remote makes jog control easy

The original Siri Remote had a big usability problem—its touch surface stretched from edge to edge, making it super easy to jump to an unwanted point just by grabbing the remote. With the redesigned Siri Remote, Apple hopes to make it much more intuitive to navigate TV shows and movies with the all-new clickpad and two previously unavailable scrubbing modes.

How to use your Siri Remote like a pro

You can swipe left or right to scrub a paused video backward or forward in time, like before.

But as evidenced by the video The Loop‘s Dave Mark shared on Twitter, you can now also jog forward or back by resting the finger on the ring until a circular icon appears in the timeline.

You’re now in jog mode which makes it easy to jump to a video’s precise point in an instant.

All you have to do is move your finger around that ring clockwise or counterclockwise in an intuitive circular gesture to easily jog forward or backward like a boss.

How Apple addressed the Siri Remote’s usability issues

If you don’t seem to be getting the hang of it, don’t worry—as we mentioned dealer, clickpad control supports fast directional swipes for navigating the tvOS user interface and you can also press any side of the outer ring or the clickpad itself for a handy five-way navigation.

Other Siri Remote tweaks include a new power button that also controls your TV’s power, a mute button and a relocated Siri button (now on the right side of the remote). It’s also taller and thicker than the original Siri Remote, making it harder to slip inside your couch.

The new Siri Remote ships in the box with the Apple TV 4K and the second-generation Apple TV 4K. It’s available as a separate purchase for $59 from Apple.com.

Apple is no longer selling the original Siri Remote.