Latest Downtime podcast talks AirTag, best iOS 14.5 features, and more

Sebastien and Cody run down all of their favorite features in the iOS 14.5 update and give their initial AirTag impressions. The pair also discuss how to add HomeKit support to an old garage door and some of their favorite movies they’ve seen recently.

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The best AirTag accessories

Apple had AirTag and accessories were ready to launch for a while

How to control your old garage door with Siri and HomeKit

What we’ve been watching

  • Mortal Kombat on HBO Max
  • Vivarium on Amazon Prime
  • Get Duked on Prime Video
  • Bastille Day on Netflix
  • Without Remorse on Amazon Prime


Gerald asks on Twitter: Do you see Apple using colors to separate their pro from non pro lines as a permanent thing? New iMacs are colorful, but perhaps iMac Pro’s would be stainless steel w/black bezels? iPhone X/XR started this along w/iPad Air & iPad Pro. Is this the new M.O.? Like or dislike?

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