Apple shares a couple of new ‘Behind the Mac’ ads

During its Spring Loaded event, Apple unveiled a colorful lineup for the new 24-inch iMac. But the company’s newest ads don’t promote those new machines — not yet, anyway.

Today, Apple has uploaded a couple of new “Behind the Mac” ads to its YouTube channel. These new ads will likely find their way out to other avenues, including TV ads, soon enough. At least one of them, anyway.

The first ad is entitled “Behind the Mac: Headed for College”, and it shows a variety of different people using Apple’s Mac while they read their acceptance letters for the next stage of their education. There’s a lot of heart in the ad itself, even if it is, ultimately, just an advertisement for Apple’s computers.

Here’s how Apple describes the ad:

Celebrating college acceptance season and all those students starting their next chapter behind the Mac.

And the ad itself:

Next up, there’s a longer piece of marketing for the company. This one’s entitled “Behind the Mac with FINNEAS”, it shows how the artist uses Apple’s hardware to create something new. The ad itself even features a song called “Can’t Wait to be Dead” by the artist.

Here’s Apple’s description:

FINNEAS gives an in-depth look at how he creates behind the Mac. Calling it “the last instrument I learned”, he shows how the next generation of makers need only the Mac and an idea to express themselves on a global scale.

This one measures in at just over three minutes in length, so it’s not just a teaser.

What do you think of Apple’s newest Behind the Mac ads?