Downtime podcast #388: Technically not tech support

Sebastien and Cody discuss everything from the new Intel/Mac commercials to the future of Apple’s strategy for the Home. They also poke fun at the Apple rumor mill and Cody gives his in-depth review of the Snyder Cut. Finally, they end the show with a Q&A session.

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Follow up: Seb’s MacBook Pro battery

Apple now predicted to hold an event in April rather than March

“I’m a Mac” star Justin Long disses Apple silicon Macs in Intel’s new ad campaign

What is Apple’s Home strategy at this point?

What we’ve been watching:

  • The Snyder Cut on HBO Max
  • The Vaccination Special on HBO Max


Rusty asks via email: Now that AirPlay is widely available outside of the Apple ecosystem do you think that Apple will ever support AirPlay on Windows? I use a third party program (Reflector 3 by Air Squirrels) when I need to cast to Windows. While it works ok most of the time it’s not as good or seamless as AirPlay and most people don’t know about third-party options.

Cyrille asks via email: I have roller shutters, at the front and back of the house. I’m going to use a module to open and shut them through Homekit, at least for the front ones as they face the street. As for the back ones, my wife fears that they can be hacked and that thieves could open the shutters when we’re not home (we’ve already been robbed once) to enter the house unseen. Do you think it’s safe ? Or would you follow my wife’s guts on that ?

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