Apple now predicted to hold an event in April rather than March

Apple was rumored to unveil new products next Tuesday via a prerecorded online presentation, but now a leaker has suggested that the supposed event will be held in April, not March.


  • Well, it’s in May after all…
  • Actually, it’s happening in June.
  • Wait, it seems no Apple event until July!

Apple is going to hold an event, eventually

Jon Prosser, a serial leaker with a mixed track record, predicted on Twitter today that the next Apple event will take place in April instead of March. “The event is in April,” he wrote, with no further explanation. “I don’t think they’ve ever done an event in April, so I get it if you’re skeptical,” he added. No other leaker had corroborated that information at the time of writing.

“Apple could have delayed the event, or the event was never going to take place,” AppleInsider commented. “Some speculation still says there will be product announcements through a battery of press releases.”

That seems about right.

What’s up with Prosser?

Jon Prosser used to be a fairly reliable source of information regarding Apple’s future moves. However, some of his recent predictions have been quite inaccurate. Prosser was one of the several sources who earlier called for the March 23 event date.

He even promised to shave his eyebrows if proved wrong. We wonder if that promise, coupled with the fact that March 23 is just five days away, may have prompted Prosser to announce a different date. Or perhaps it was the latest DigiTimes report claiming that the next iPad Pro, which was supposed to be unveiled in March, won’t be shipping before April at least.

We can play this game, too—iDownloadBlog is predicting with a very high degree of certainty that Apple is going to eventually hold an event to unveil new products.