Instagram is working on a fix for link previews in iMessage

If you use Instagram and share links in iMessage, you may have noticed an issue with previews. It’s been a problem for a bit of time now, but the social network says a fix is in the works.

The good news here is that the link preview bug in iMessage doesn’t affect every user out there. However, when it does crop up it can certainly be annoying. A link preview in iMessage shared from Instagram is supposed to show the selected post right there in the message. It’s smaller, but it allows the person being sent the link to see it before clicking through to the full Instagram post. It’s helpful, when it works.

Now, according to a statement passed along to Mashable, Instagram says a fix for the link preview bug in iMessage is in the works.

Per the report, here’s an Instagram spokesperson on the matter:

This issue is due to a bug, and we are actively working to resolve Instagram link previews in iMessage so that they load normally.

Unfortunately, while Instagram says a fix is in the works, there’s no telling when it will actually be implemented. So if you’re running into this issue, you may keep experiencing it for a bit longer. But at least the social network is looking into it. Hopefully the fix arrives sooner rather than later.

Have you run into this issue at all?