Crowd control runner “Populus Run” launches on Apple Arcade

This past weekend, Apple’s games-subscription service has picked up “Populus Run,” a crowd control runner from developer FIFTYTWO.

The game is optimized for touch controls, but you can also interact with it using an MFi-certified controller. You can customize graphics settings and enable a Low Power Option to limit the frame rate to 30 fps, making the game run more smoothly on older devices.

New levels will be added soon, developers have confirmed.

Your sugar-free runner is here

“Populus Run” is being described as an unconventional running game in which you control a crowd of people. And boy is it unconventional—aside from collecting the secret characters hidden in the levels, “Populus Run” has you dodging giant fast food, slide down pipes like at a waterpark, as well as battle rapper bosses such as Macaron, Donut and Burger.

And for skilled players, there’s a handy hardcore mode to test their limits.

For additional information, visit the official website.

How to get “Populus Run”

“Populus Run” is available across the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV at no additional charge as part of your Apple Arcade subscription. The game is unavailable outside Apple Arcade.

Download “Populus Run” in the App Store.

Apple Arcade continues to build out its catalog of games, with a regular stream of new additions , including “NUTS” and “Spire Blast”. As for upcoming titles, Apple Arcade will soon introduce several new titles, such as “lumen”, “Survival Z” and “Wonderbox”.