Now available on Apple Arcade: “NUTS – A Surveillance Mystery” and “Spire Blast”

Apple Arcade today picked up two new titles, a surveillance mystery game set in the forrest along with a physicals-based match puzzler set in a bright, colorful world.

Both titles are now available to download from Apple Arcade. Like all the other games included in your Apple Arcade subscription, these latest arrivals are available at no additional charge.

“NUTS – A Surveillance Mystery”

As iDownloadBlog recently reported, you’ll be spying on squirrels in the forrest in this narrative surveillance adventure. Featuring a bold visual style, “NUTS” has you uncovering the wonders and mysteries of the enigmatic Melmoth Forest. Crafted by indie developers Joon, Pol, Muuutsch, Char and Torfi in collaboration with Noodlecake Studios,

Download “NUTS” for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac on Apple Arcade.

Here are some key highlights of “NUTS”:

  • Arrange your cameras: Your mission briefing will give you a starting point, but it’ll be on you to determine the optimal layout for your equipment through trial and error. Explore the wonders and mysteries of the enigmatic Melmoth Forest at your ease during daytime, until night falls…
  • Analyze your footage: … when you can review all of the content you captured in your DIY control center. Comb your footage for the information needed to complete your mission and send proof to your boss Dr Nina Scholz back at the research institute. With both of you on the case, maybe you can figure out what’s really going on?
  • Get to work: You are a tiny cog in the ever-grinding machinery of Viago University’s research efforts. You’ve been sent on assignment to live alone in a dinky caravan in Melmoth Forest. Your job? To figure out where the native squirrels nest and what mysterious business they get up to.

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“Spire Blast”

A physics-based match puzzler, “Spire Blast” has you matching colors, shooting and blasting towers and more, with a little help from your ever-hungry dragon companion. You must collapse the mysterious towers of all shapes and sizes that have risen up across the kingdom and use the various tools at your disposal to emerge victorious.

Download “Spire Blast” for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV from Apple Arcade.

For further information, visit the official website.

Apple Arcade availability

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