How to embed episodes from Apple Podcasts on your website

Not long ago we let you know that Apple was starting to allow users to embed podcast episodes on their websites. This is great news if you have a site or blog where certain shows benefit your visitors.

Here, we’ll show you exactly how to get the embed code on your computer to paste into your CMS tool. Whether a general user or marketing expert, you have a few options and spots for the code. So, let’s get to it!

General embed code

To get the embed code for a podcast episode, you’ll need a web link to the show. If you have that already, then you’re a step ahead and can jump to the next set of steps. If you need the link, here are a couple of ways to get it.

Get the episode link

Apple Podcasts app on Mac: Select the show and then choose the episode. Hover your cursor over the episode you want and click the More (three dots) button that appears. Choose Copy Link from that menu and paste it into your web browser.

Podcasts on Mac Copy Link

You can also grab the link from Podcasts on your iOS device. Open the app and navigate to the show you want. Long press on the episode and tap Copy Link from the menu.

Apple Podcasts on the web: Locate the show on the Apple Podcast website. Select it and then choose the episode on the Apple Podcast Preview page.

Apple Podcasts Online Pick Show

Once you get to the episode online that you want the code for, the rest is easy.

Get the embed code

1) Click the Share button on the top right.

Apple Podcasts Episode Share

2) Choose the Embed icon on the far left.

Apple Podcasts Episode Share Embed

3) This will place the embed code onto your clipboard and you’ll see a very brief message letting you know this.

You can then paste the code wherever you need it!

Embed code with a player and options

You can also choose the get embed code with a built-in podcast player, badge, or app icon. For these options, head to the Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools website to get started.

1) Enter the name of the podcast show in the Search box.

2) Select the show you want from the results.

3) On the show’s page, you have options to get the embed codes for the show or narrow it down to a particular episode by picking one from the list.

4) Scroll down for your options. You’ll see Embed Player, Badges and Lockups, and App Icon, each with appearance choices and a Copy Embed button.

Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools Podcast Player

Click the button for the one you want and the code will be copied to your clipboard to paste where you need it.

Tip: You’ll also notice handy options for a Content Link, Short Link, and QR Code. Keep these in mind too!

Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools Options

Wrapping it up

If you find that a podcast episode is the perfect addition to your website, whether for marketing, promotion, or a simple supplement to your own content, Apple Podcasts gives you ways to grab that code and embed it on your site.

Are you going to give this a try? Which podcast do you plan to embed and what type of site are you using it on? Let us know! And remember to catch our own podcast show Let’s Talk iOS!