How to customize podcast and episode settings in Podcasts on Mac

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If you enjoy the Podcasts app on your Mac for listening to your favorite shows while you work or play, then being familiar with the settings is helpful.

To help you make the most out of Podcasts on Mac, here’s how to customize the settings for podcasts and episodes.

Podcast settings

It takes only a minute to take action on a podcast, whether you want to subscribe or already have.

Podcasts not in your library


If you see a podcast in the Browse or Top Charts sections and want to subscribe, that’s pretty simple.

  • From the main page, click the More (three-dot icon) button and select Subscribe.
  • From the podcast details page, just click Subscribe.
Subsribe Podcasts Mac


Now if you come across a podcast you think a friend or family member might enjoy; you can share it.

From the main page or the podcast detail page, click the More button. From there you can select Copy Link or one of your Mac Share Menu options to share the show.

Podcasts in your library


If you’re subscribed to a podcast that you no longer want, select it from your Library, click the More button, and choose Unsubscribe.

Unsubsribe Podcasts Mac

The More menu also lets delete the podcast from Library, play it next, share it, or report a concern.


To change the episode order, keep only recent episodes, or customize a podcast’s settings, click the More button and pick Settings.

Along with the option to unsubscribe to the podcast by turning off the Subscribed toggle at the top, you can select the order for the episodes. You can pick sequential order, most recent first, to only keep the most recent episodes, or custom settings.

Podcast Settings Mac

For Custom Settings, select that option and then adjust the following:

  • Episode Order: Newest to Oldest or vice versa
  • Download Episodes: Off, Only New (Default), or All Unplayed
  • Delete Played Episodes: On or Off
  • Limit Episodes: Off, Most Recent, [X] Most Recent, 1 Day, 1 Week, 2 Weeks, or 1 Month
  • Refresh Every: 1 Hour, 6 Hours, Day (Default), Week, or Manually

When you finish making changes to any of the Custom Settings, click Done.

Episode settings

Along with settings for podcasts, you have settings for individual episodes as well. Click Episodes in the left-hand sidebar.

To open the settings for an episode, put your cursor over the time, all the way to the right. The time will change to the More button, so click.

Podcast Episode Settings Mac

You can then do any of the following:

  • Download or Save the episode
  • Delete the episode from your Library
  • Mark it as Played
  • Report a Concern
  • Play it Next or Later
  • Share the episode by copying the link or using your Share Menu
  • Go to the Show information page

Wrapping it up

Simple settings for podcasts and episodes can help you enjoy your favorite shows on your Mac. And remember to check out iDB’s podcast, Let’s Talk iOS!

Are there any settings for either podcasts or episodes that you think Apple should add? Let us know in the comments below!