Apple is still honoring the anti-reflective coating repair program for some MacBooks, now with a new mail-in policy

Things have changed all across the globe thanks to the ongoing global pandemic. However, it looks like Apple is still honoring its repair programs, which is good news.

Specifically, the repair program associated with the anti-reflective coating on some MacBook models. According to MacRumors, Apple has sent a memo to its Authorized Service Providers letting them know that the repair program for the anti-reflective coating is still being honored. However, the process now requires a mail-in process as part of the program. This is for customers in the United States.

Per the report, this went into effect on January 4, 2021:

The new policy went into effect January 4, 2021 and means that customers who take an eligible 12-inch MacBook or MacBook Pro exhibiting this issue to an Apple Authorized Service Provider will have their notebook mailed to a centralized Apple depot for the repair to be completed, likely resulting in longer waiting times in most cases. It is unclear if the policy applies to any countries outside of the United States at this time.

This issue with the anti-reflective coating has been a longstanding one. Apple launched a “quality program” for the issue way, way back in 2015. It encompassed the 12-inch MacBook and some MacBook Pro models. However, the MacBook Air with Retina display –which launched some time ago– was added to the mix in 2020. It’s worth noting this is an internal program, and Apple still hasn’t announced it on their website like other public repair programs.

As it stands, Apple still honors free repairs with the anti-reflective coating issue for up to four years after the initial purchase date.

It’s good to see that Apple is still honoring this repair program, especially since it isn’t public and now requires a mail-in step in the process.

Have you had to repair your MacBook model due to this issue? If so, how was the process?