Elon Musk says he reached out to Tim Cook to try and get Apple to acquire Tesla

Before 2020 closes out, we get to hear some pretty surprising information from none other than Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. According to the chief executive, he reached out to another executive at another company in an effort to see about a potential acquisition of the electric automobile company. Turns out? Tim Cook of Apple didn’t even take the meeting.

Musk made the statement today on Twitter, and also commented on the recent report that Apple is planning on using a specific type of battery in its future, but not official, Apple Car. According to Musk’s tweet, he reached out to Cook during the “darkest days of the Model 3 program”, all in an effort to see about a potential acquisition by Apple.

Musk says Cook “refused to take the meeting”, despite the fact Musk was looking to sell Tesla off “for 1/10 of course current value”.

Earlier this week,¬†Reuters reported that Apple’s upcoming automobile will feature “next level” battery technology. To reach that goal, Apple will apparently adopt a “monocell” battery, which will decrease the cost of batteries and offer increased range. However, as noted by Musk in the tweet above, a monocell battery is “electrochemically impossible”, and says “max voltage is ~100X too low”. He suggests the battery may feature battery cells “bonded together”, which is similar to Tesla’s structural battery pack.

Of course, nothing on Apple’s end is official. The rumor mill went quiet regarding the Apple Car for a long stretch there, but things have heated up as of late. Indeed, that¬†Reuters report suggests Apple will unveil the Apple Car in the near future, with production starting in 2024.

Still, it’s pretty wild that Cook reportedly turned down a meeting to talk about a potential acquisition of Tesla, right?