Regulatory filings show Samsung’s going to ditch the power adapter, despite mocking Apple

It has been rumored for a bit of time now that Samsung is looking to ditch the power adapter in the box of some of its phones. And now regulatory filings have apparently confirmed as much.

As first reported by Technoblog, the Brazilian regulatory body ANATEL (Brazil’s FCC equivalent) has recently approved Samsung’s upcoming smartphones, the Galaxy S21, the Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. In each case, the filings reveal that Samsung won’t be including a power adapter in the box.

As most people know these days, Apple dropped the power adapter from inside the box of the iPhone 12 lineup (and older phones it’s still selling today).

Now, the reason we bring this up is because Samsung decided, after the iPhone 12 went all official, to mock Apple for its decision to remove the power adapter. You can see one of those instances in the image just above. It’s not like Samsung’s out there lambasting Apple over it, but it’s still kind of funny. The only real reason this is noteworthy, in terms of Samsung, is because of the hypocrisy. Not that Samsung is any stranger to this sort of thing, of course.

Samsung also mocked Apple for “finally” adding 5G support in the iPhone 12 lineup, like it really matters that Samsung had it first earlier this year.

As is par for the course, Samsung is following in Apple’s footsteps here. The good news here is that in this regard, it’s benefiting the environment (while also lining each company’s figurative wallets).

What do you think of Samsung’s routine of mocking Apple for decisions and then following along not too long after?