Where is that on Apple Watch?

Question Mark on Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is smart and so are you. But like any other tech gadget that you’re new to using, it takes a bit time to get used to the ins and outs along with the terminology.

If you’re going to peruse our Apple Watch how-tos or read some of Apple’s guides, you’ll want to know what things are and how to find them like the Dock and Control Center. You’ll also need to know where to find settings for stuff like, well, Settings, and even Bluetooth.

Here, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about where to find something on your Apple Watch.

Common questions

Where is the Digital Crown on Apple Watch?

The Digital Crown is a physical feature of your Apple Watch. This is the handy circular dial on the right side of your Watch.

Apple Watch side

You can turn it like the dial on a regular watch although you don’t need to wind your Apple Watch. You can also press it like a button when an app calls for it.

Where do I access the Apple Watch Dock?

Below the Digital Crown on the right side of your Apple Watch is a button to access the Dock (see above image). The Dock is a spot for you to quickly access to apps that you use often, and you can customize it pretty much any way you like.

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Where is the Apple Watch Control Center?

If you like the Control Center on your iOS device and are taking advantage of the Control Center introduced with macOS Big Sur, then you’re in luck. You have a Control Center on your Apple Watch for the same types of things.

Apple Watch Control Center

Swipe up from your Watch screen to open the Control Center.

Where are my Apple Watch apps?

Here’s where your Digital Crown comes into play. Press the Digital Crown to display all of your Apple Watch apps. If you use Grid view, you can move around the screen with your finger to the app you want. In List view, just swipe the screen up and down.

Apple Watch Apps

Where do I switch between grid and list view for my Apple Watch apps?

To switch between views on the newest watchOS (7 and later), open Settings > App View and make your pick.

Apple Watch App View

On older watchOS versions (6 and earlier), use Force Touch (press firmly and hold) on the app screen to choose your view.

On iPhone, open the Watch app and pick App View on the My Watch tab.

Where are the Settings on Apple Watch?

Like on iPhone and iPad, Settings is its own app on Apple Watch. If you took the steps above to open your Watch apps, you should have seen Settings in the list.

Apple Watch Settings

You can also access Settings for your Apple Watch using the Watch app on your iPhone. Open the app and pick the My Watch tab.

Where is the Watch app on iPhone?

You need the Watch app on iPhone to set up your Apple Watch. This is a removeable app, so if you didn’t have your Watch when you got your phone, you may have deleted it.

You can redownload the Watch app from the App Store for free. If it’s on your iPhone but you simply cannot find it, swipe over to the App Library and search for it there.

Watch App Library Search iPhone

Where do I find Bluetooth on Apple Watch?

To turn Bluetooth on or off and view connected devices, open the Settings on your Apple Watch and select Bluetooth.

Apple Watch Bluetooth

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Where is my Apple Watch serial number?

You can obtain your Apple Watch serial number on your Watch or iPhone.

On Apple Watch, open Settings and select General > About.

Apple Watch Serial Number

On iPhone, open the Watch app on your iPhone, select the My Watch tab and go to General > About.

Where is the Apple Watch camera?

Your Apple Watch does not contain a camera but a Camera Remote for iPhone instead.

If you open the Camera Remote app, you can control the camera on your iPhone with it. Select the front or rear camera, turn flash off or on, and set a timer to capture the shot.

Apple Watch Camera Remote

Where are my steps on Apple Watch?

You’ve heard that your Apple Watch can track activities like how many steps you take in a day, but where do you see that information?

Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch. On the main screen, which shows your rings, scroll down and you’ll see Total Steps with the count beneath.

Apple Watch Steps

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Where do I find more Apple Watch apps?

You can browse for additional Apple Watch apps right from your wrist. Access the apps on your Watch and tap App Store. The store works just like the one on your iPhone.

Apple Watch App Store

You can also look for Watch apps on your iPhone. Open the App Store and tap the Apps tab. At the very bottom, under Top Categories, select Apple Watch Apps. If you don’t see it, tap See All and choose that category from the list.

Wrapping it up

After you use your Apple Watch for a while, these types of things will come naturally. But if there’s something that belongs on this list that you had or are still having trouble finding, let us know!