Hotmail or Outlook keep asking for your password on iOS?

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If you have a Hotmail or Outlook email account that’s set up in Mail on iPhone or iPad, then you may have been running into this issue since the releases of updates to iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. You repeatedly get a pop-up message asking you for your email account password. Guess what? You’re not alone.

No password provided for Outlook. Please go to Mail Account Settings and enter a password.

This jolly little pop-up message asks you to open Settings, head to that Hotmail or Outlook account in Mail, and enter your password… again and again and again. It happens several times in a week, and for some, a few times each day. And, it’s aggravating to say the least.

Fix for Outlook or Hotmail that keep asking for password?

So, what’s the fix? As of this writing, there isn’t one.

If you search Google for the problem, you’ll seen that many, many iOS users are having the same issue. And plenty of people have gone to both the Apple Support forums and Microsoft Support forums for answers, to no avail.

One user says: iPhone keeps asking for hotmail password every few days. This is now driving me crazy. Any suggestions?

Another one: When trying to access my Hotmail account on my iPhone the system has started asking me to re-input my password before the mailbox refreshes. Same has started to happen with my wife on her iPad. This has only occurred in the last week or so since we updated our system software. Is this an Apple or Hotmail issue?

And another: For the past month or so outlook and hotmail emails on my iOS mail keeps asking for credentials. I enter the credentials and it works for a few days before asking again. Sometimes I ignore it and when I check it after an hour or two everything looks fine. Anyone else having this issue?

There also appears to be a question as to where the heart of the issue lies, is it Apple or Microsoft? No one knows for sure, but at this point we an only assume whomever is responsible for this is likely aware of the situation and it’s safe to assume a fix is on the way.

Some users have tried deleting the account from Mail and reconnecting it. But to this point, it hasn’t seemed to solve the problem. If you’d like to give it a try anyway, follow our tutorials for deleting an email account from your devices and then, of course, how to add the account to Mail again.

If you’re one of the users experiencing this issue, just know that you’re not alone. There are thousands asking the same question, including me!

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As soon as we know of a fix, or if an update comes that takes care of it, we’ll let you know!

And please, if you’ve found a way to fix this on your own, or read about a resolution elsewhere, share it in the comments below!