This is the new Mac mini with Apple’s M1 processor

Today, Apple unveiled its first effort with the M1 processor — the company’s official transition to Apple Silicon.

Earlier, Apple unveiled the first MacBook Air with an M1 processor, but the company didn’t leave out a set-top box option, too. The company revitalized the Mac mini with the brand new M1 processor under the hood. So, as you might expect, it delivers a powerful performance in a small form factor.


The new Mac mini is still a small box that will fit on your desk right next to your monitor. And it’s equipped with an 8-core processor, with up to 3X the performance over the previous generation model. Apple says the new Mac mini will outshine other options out there on the market. It has a six-fold increase in graphics performance, which will let users design graphics-intensive games, and playing games like Baldur’s Gate 3. It has up to 6X better graphics performance.

Apple says the new Mac mini is 5X faster than competing desktop options in the Mac mini’s size range. Despite it being smaller. And Machine Learning workloads are faster — up to 15X faster ML performance over the previous generation.

USB-4 and Thunderbolt are supported by the pair of USB ports. The Mac mini will also support the PRO XDR Display, too. And that’s at the full 6K resolution.


The new Mac mini costs $699 — $100 lower than the previous generation.

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