How to translate voice or text from one language to another on your iPhone

With Apple’s Translate app, your iPhone and iPad can translate spoken words and phrases, as well as typed text, from one supported language to another. Follow along with us as we show you how to use your iPhone or iPad to translate voice and text.

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How to translate words and phrases with iPhone

1) Open the Translate app and be in the Translation section.

2) Touch the arrow next to the top left language box and choose your source language.

3) Touch the arrow next to the right language box at the top, and then choose your target language.

4) Type: Tap the Enter text field and type the word. After typing, hit go on your keyboard, and you’ll see the text translated into the target language.

Type to translate text phrases and sentences on iPhone inside the Apple Translate app

5) Speak: Hit the microphone icon and speak words or phrases to translate from the source to the target language.

When translating your voice, the phone will automatically speak the translation. Plus, it will display the translation right under the original text for quick and easy comparison. You can tap the play button if you’d like to hear the translation again.

Translate spoken words and sentences on iPhone

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If the translation doesn’t automatically speak, check that your iPhone is not in silent mode! And if it stays stuck in hearing mode, force close the Translate app and open it again.

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