How to use the updated time picker for Alarms on iPhone and iPad

Clock Alarm Time Picker on iPhone

With the many updates and new features that came with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, one of those small but nice improvements is the date and time picker. Creating a to-do in Reminders or event in Calendar is easier with the enhancements. And so is setting an alarm in the Clock app.

You have options to either tap the numbers to set an exact time or scroll with a flick of your finger. This lets you use the method that’s quickest or easiest for you. Haven’t checked it out yet? Here’s how to set the time for Alarms in the Clock app on iOS.

Open the Clock app and tap Alarm as you normally would. Tap the plus sign to create a new alarm or Edit and an existing alarm you want to change. Then use one of the following methods for the time picker on iPhone and iPad.

Tap to set the time

Next to Time, you’ll see the hours and minutes in the orange box. And that entire box and its contents should be highlighted. Don’t tap the box. Just use the keypad at the bottom to enter the time for the alarm using four digits. Alternatively, you can tap the orange box and then tap either the hour or minute portion and use the keypad.

Clock Alarm Use Keypad to Set Time on iPhone

Scroll to set the time

Similar to the wheel used previously, you can scroll to set the time as well. Tap the orange box next to Time. Tap the hour to scroll and set it, then tap the minutes and scroll to set those.

Clock Alarm Scroll to Set Time on iPhone

When you finish setting the time for your alarm, continue to pick the alarm sound, enable the snooze, or make it repeat as you did before. Tap Save when you’re done.

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Wrapping it up

The key to using these methods is that you are changing what is highlighted. So if the orange box plus its contents are highlighted, you can use the keypad to set the exact time. If only the hours or the minutes are selected, you can scroll or use the keypad to set those.

Do you like the enhanced time picker on iPhone and iPad? What other small improvements like this are you happy to see? Share your thoughts below or hit us up on social media. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook!