Exposure Notification API is now live in iOS 14 thanks to the fourth beta

Apple and Google’s Exposure Notification API, which is meant to help health authorities launch COVID-19 contact tracing apps, is now finally live in iOS 14.

On Tuesday, Apple seeded the fourth developer beta of iOS 14, and, with it, welcomed the Exposure Notification API to the mix. This means the individuals out there using iOS 14 in its prerelease state can now take advantage of the apps out there to help contact tracing with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The apps aren’t available in every market, though. And public beta testers will need to wait for their corresponding public beta to get access to the Exposure Notification API as well.

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Of course, for those who are sticking to the public versions of iOS, Apple welcomed the Exposure Notification API with the public launch of iOS 13.5 back in May of this year.

With the arrival of the API support in iOS 14, this means users can now use contact tracing apps if they are available in their region.