Spotify Duo is a new Premium option for two people that costs $12.99 per month

For many music streaming services, the premium sticker price is around $10, with some exceptions. Meanwhile, family plans that support up to six people are priced around $15. So Spotify has determined $13 is just right for a pair of people.

On Wednesday, Spotify finally welcomed its new Spotify Duo option for the general public. The music streaming service has been testing this feature for quite some time now, and apparently has decided it’s a good time to release the new plan option. With it, Spotify Duo offers a pair of Premium accounts for two people. It works similarly to family plans, with each person getting a full Premium experience, but with only one bill.

Spotify Duo costs just $12.99 per month, but Spotify is offering the first month for free for new subscribers. The only potential catch here is that you and the other person in your Spotify Duo must live at the same address.

While the Premium experiences are technically separate, there are ways to mingle your listening experiences. There is a new Duo Mix will be updated regularly to showcase the music you and the other member of the duo plan enjoy listening to. There are even different versions, with “Upbeat” offering up songs that both people like with a faster tempo, and the “Calm” option, which will feature songs both people like with more soothing tracks.

To sign up for a new Spotify Duo account, here’s what to do:

  • Join Duo with your existing Spotify account
  • Invite the person who lives with you to join your Spotify Duo plan, with easy ways to share through WhatsApp, email, and other services
  • The second person must accept the invitation and confirm the address — and then you’re both set to start listening

The bill will be sent to the person who sets up the Spotify Duo plan to begin with.

Spotify Duo is available now and you can sign up beginning today.

So how long until we see Apple Music launch a plan option like this? If the company does follow suit, will you sign up for Apple Music for two?