Apple Card customers can defer their July payment without incurring interest

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, and, in some parts of the United States continues to get worse, Apple and Goldman Sachs are continuing to offer some assistance for Apple Card customers.

As we’ve seen throughout the earlier stages of this year, Apple and Goldman Sachs have decided to let Apple Card customers defer another monthly payment without incurring interest. Apple and the bank have done this for the last several months, starting in March. The Customer Assistance Program email should arrive in Apple Card customer’s inboxes soon, if they haven’t already.

Tutorial: How to enroll in Apple Card COVID-19 Customer Assistance Program for Apple Card

It’s worth mentioning again that, despite not incurring interest for another month, the bill is still due, which will still need to be paid off over time (or as quickly as each customer can). Customers will simply not be saddled with additional interest charges. And customers need to re-enroll for July, even if they have enrolled in the months prior.

There’s no telling how long this assistance program will last, but with how things are going related to the pandemic, it might be a while.