Apple Pay support launches in Serbia

While Apple Pay is readily available in many regions all across the globe, there are still some areas where holdouts exist. But we can now take Serbia off that particular list.

According to¬†MacRumors, Apple Pay is support is launching today, June 30, in Serbia. It will initially be supported by ProCredit bank and the institution’s Mastercard-branded cards. The report also indicates that Raiffeisen bank in the region will be adding support for Apple Pay as well.

With Apple Pay support from these two institutions, customers with Mastercard credit and/or debit cards will be able to add them directly to the Wallet app on their iPhone, and then use Apple Pay as a mobile payment option wherever contactless payments are accepted. Paying for a product can be handled with either a supported iPhone or a supported Apple Watch.

To add your card to the Wallet app, simply open the app on your iPhone and then select the “+” symbol located in the top-right corner of the screen. Simply follow the onscreen instructions after pressing that icon to add your supported card.

In related news, Apple Pay’s last expansion happened in Australia back in April of this year, which finally brought the last major bank in Australia, Westpac, on board with support for the mobile payment option.

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top image via @jetblackiphonex