tvOS 14 lets you pick screensaver categories to include in rotation, like Underwater or Cityscape

Aside from retiring Apple’s Aerial branding for Apple TV screensavers, the new tvOS 14 software makes it easy to include or exclude specific screensaver categories from the rotation.

Customizing Apple TV screensaver

This much appreciated improvement was spotted by FlatPanelsHD.

With this cool Apple TV feature enhancement, users get more control over the appearance of tvOS’ stock screensaver. In prior tvOS editions, you could only tell your Apple TV whether to use the Aerial screen saver or not. But as Apple over time added gorgeous new flyovers that aren’t necessarily city panoramas, the Aerial branding had to be retired eventually.

tvOS 14’s screensaver themes

In tvOS 14, you can select the following screensaver themes that you’d like to be included in the rotation (cycle between them by swiping on the Siri Remote when the screen saver is on):

  • Landscape
  • Earth
  • Underwater
  • Cityscape

The Cityscapes category includes beautiful bird’s eye views of major cities and is basically your original Aerial screensaver. To only see aerials of nature, select the Landscape option.

High-quality nature videos that over time got added to the original Aerial screensaver are now organized into the Underwater category. And those stunning NASA-powered satellite views of Earth and satellite imagery are now tucked away under the Earth category.

tvOS 14 will release publicly later this year.

Your two cents

How do you like this particular screensaver enhancements in tvOS 14? While we’re at it, should Apple open up tvOS screensavers for third-party development, do you think?

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