The new BookArc from Twelve South supports the new MacBook Pros and new MacBook Air

Twelve South has made a name for itself by making some of the best accessories out there for Apple’s products, and that includes stands for the MacBook.

If you’re in the market for a new stand for your 16-inch MacBook Pro and/or the new MacBook Air, the BookArc from Twelve South may be your best bet. Of course, it also fits the new 13-inch MacBook Pro as well, so you’re covered for all of Apple’s latest Mac notebooks. The new BookArc retains the same style as the older model it’s replacing, storing your notebook in a vertical fashion in an effort to save desk space.

Not only does the BookArc hold your MacBook Pro or Air in place, but it also has the company’s Cable Catch feature, which will hold your necessary cables for desktop work in place when you need to unplug your laptop. And the BookArc comes in silver or space gray to match Apple’s colors.

Twelve South is launching this BookArc specifically to support the newest MacBook Pros and MacBook Air, but confirms on its website that it will be upgradeable to fit future MacBooks as well. And some more good news: if you already own a BookArc and don’t feel like forking over the money for a whole new unit, you can buy the correct inserts for the latest MacBooks instead, making your older BookArc usable with the newer notebooks.

The new BookArc is available beginning today and it retails for $59.99.

If you use your Mac notebook for desktop work, do you prefer to have it open for a dual screen experience? Or do you use the Closed-Display Mode in an effort so save some space on your desk? Let us know!