iOS 13.5.5 hints at a future services bundle

Apple, as a services company, could find a better way to offer up a variety of those options to customers in bundles. But, so far, that hasn’t become a reality. But iOS 13.5.5 suggests things could be changing.

9to5Mac reported on Wednesday that there has been references discovered in iOS 13.5.5 that appear to point to new services bundles in the works. Those references include “bundle subscription” and “bundle offer”, and it has been confirmed that these were not present in earlier versions of iOS. These references are related to “management system of Apple’s own services subscriptions like Apple News+”.

We’ve been hearing about a bundle like this for quite some time now. Since 2018! And in the majority of those rumors Apple is said to be leaning towards a services bundle that includes Apple News+, Apple Music, and Apple TV+. It would be a solid way to drive both Apple News+ and Apple TV+ subscriber numbers in the right direction for the company, because it would presumably save the monthly cost for a consumer when compared to subscribing to all three services individually.

Right now you can get Apple News+ and Apple Music for $9.99 per month, respectively. Apple TV+ comes in at $4.99 per month. Bundling those together would probably see Apple charging something like $15 per month, which could get folks who aren’t paying for Apple TV+ or News+ to jump on those particular bandwagons, too.

There have also been reports that Apple has spoken with record labels in its effort to include Apple Music in these bundles. However, those stories have been going around since 2019 and nothing has changed, so it may still be some time before we see any services bundles see the light of day.

Still, the references discovered in iOS 13.5.5 seem to suggest Apple is making headway on the effort, and the company may have something to announce sooner rather than later.

What about you? If you aren’t already subscribed to Apple TV+ or Apple News+, would you go for a services bundle that includes both along with Apple Music? Let us know in the comments!