Keyboard shortcuts for the Stocks app on Mac

MacBook keyboard business-Stocks keyboard shortcuts

If you like to keep up with the stock market or finance-related business news, then you may pop open the Stocks app on your Mac. And the next time you do, keep this list of keyboard shortcuts in mind for navigating faster and easier.

Stocks app keyboard shortcuts

Navigate, search, and save stories with these keyboard shortcuts for Stocks on Mac.

  • Open the selected story: Return
  • Save or unsave the selected story: Command + S
  • Go back: Command + [ (left bracket)
  • Go to the next story: Right Arrow
  • Go to the previous story: Left Arrow
  • Go to the next sidebar item: Down Arrow
  • Go to the previous sidebar item: Up Arrow
  • Page up: Space Bar
  • Page down: Shift + Space Bar
  • Go to the top: Command + Up Arrow
  • Go to the bottom: Command + Down Arrow
  • Move from sidebar to news feed: Tab
  • Move from news feed to sidebar: Shift + Tab
  • Search to add a symbol: Option + Command + F
  • Remove a selected symbol: Delete
  • Zoom in: Command + Plus Sign (+)
  • Zoom out: Command + Hyphen (-)
  • Increase the text size: Option + Command + Plus Sign
  • Decrease the text size: Option + Command + Hyphen
  • Revert to the actual size: Command + 0 (zero)
  • Refresh: Command + R
  • Quit Stocks: Command + Q

Wrapping it up

It’s always helpful to know a few handy keyboard shortcuts for moving around the apps on your Mac. So if you’re interested in more, head to the keyboard shortcuts section of iDB.