Keyboard shortcuts for Find My on Mac

MacBook keyboard and maps

Whether you use the Find My app on your Mac to keep track of people or devices, you can easily use it with keys and gestures.

Keyboard shortcuts for apps on your Mac let you zip around and do what you need to do without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. So, here are the ones you can use for the Find My app on Mac.

The Find My window

Minimize, hide, or close the Find My window with these keyboard shortcuts.

  • Hide the window: Command + H
  • Hide all other windows: Option + Command + H
  • Minimize the window: Command + M
  • Enter or exit full-screen mode: Control + Command + F
  • Close the window: Command + W
  • Quit Find My: Command + Q

Navigate Find My

Move around, take an action, and zoom in or out with these shortcuts.

  • Open the People list: Command + 1
  • Open the Devices list: Command + 2
  • Share your location: Shift + Command + L
  • Move up or down a list: Up Arrow and Down Arrow
  • Move around the map view: Press, hold, and drag or drag with two fingers using a trackpad
  • Rotate the map: Click and hold the compass as you drag or rotate two fingers using a trackpad
  • Tilt the map: Click and hold the 3D button as you drag
  • Zoom in on the map: Double-click, Command + Plus Sign, or pinch two in with fingers using a trackpad
  • Zoom out on the map: Command + Hyphen or pinch out with two fingers using a trackpad

Wrapping it up

Hopefully you’ll keep these convenient keyboard shortcuts in mind the next time you open the Find My app on your Mac.

For more shortcuts you can use on Mac, visit our keyboard shortcuts section.