Powerbeats Pro may introduce four new colors: Glacier Blue, Lava Red, Spring Yellow, and Cloud Pink

PowerBeats Pro

Back in April of last year, Beats and Apple officially unveiled the truly wireless Powerbeats Pro. Now, we may be getting some new colors.

When the Powerbeats Pro were unveiled, they brought four color options right out of the gate: Black, Ivory, Moss, and Navy. And, at the time of publication, that’s still the case. But according to a post made on the Chinese social media site Weibo (via iMore), the Powerbeats Pro will welcome an additional four colors to the mix at some point in the future. The new colors are reportedly Lava Red, Glacier Blue, Spring Yellow, and Cloud Pink.

If anything, these all sound like brighter colors than what is currently offered.

Word on the street is that a new version of the Powerbeats Pro is going to be unveiled soon. However, when that might be still remains a mystery. And, aside from additional color options, just what Apple and Beats intend to change about the new headphones is unknown right now, too. The rumor mill has been pretty quiet on this particular topic. They could include better battery life, but otherwise there might be very few changes from the first iteration of the truly wireless headphones.

We may see these new color options replace some of the first-generation colors, too. For instance, Navy could be replaced by Glacier Blue. Or maybe the new Powerbeats Pro will have a slate of color options when they launch.

If you skipped the first-generation Powerbeats Pro, will you be considering the new model whenever it launches? Let us know in the comments below!