The next Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones seem to be just around the corner

Apple’s subsidiary Beats could soon release a refreshed model of the totally wireless Powerbeats Pro earphones following the introduction of the original $250 model in April 2019.

An unreleased Beats model has surfaced in the database of South Korea’s NRRC, indicating an imminent launch. The filings describe a pair of “specific small output wireless devices” manufactured by Apple, bearing model names A2453 and A2454, and using Bluetooth 2.4GHz.

The same model numbers were previously spotted in certification documents that the Cupertino company had previously filed in both the United States and Malaysia.

MySmartPrice has more:

The model numbers A2453 and A2454 denote the same product. The only difference between them is that one refers to the right earpiece while the other denotes the left one.

Apple yesterday officially confirmed that this year’s WWDC would kick off on June 22 as an online-only event. Considering Apple has already released a bunch of products via press releases that were originally meant to be introduced at an event in March, we think there’s a good chance that the next PowerBeats Pro might release ahead of the WWDC 2020.

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The rumor-mill thus far has said little about the next PowerBeats Pro, but conventional wisdom teaches us that we should be expecting such perks as improved battery life, enhanced sound and maybe noise cancellation (pure speculation on our part — the original model doesn’t do any form of noise cancellation beyond blocking some noise thanks to their in-ear design).

What do you expect from the second-generation Powerbeats Pro earbuds?

Let us know in the comments down below!