Tim Cook says Apple has shipped 7.5 million face shields to healthcare workers

Apple has been working on ways to help healthcare workers all across the globe during the coronavirus pandemic, and that includes shipping specially-crafted face shields.

In early April, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the company had sourced over 20 million masks for healthcare workers, and, at the same time, announced that the company had tapped supplier companies and engineers to develop a face shield for frontline workers in the healthcare industry. During today’s earnings call following the company’s Q2 earnings announcement, Cook confirmed that Apple has now shipped 7.5 million face shields.

On top of that, the chief executive also confirmed that Apple is manufacturing and shipping one million face shields every single week.

That’s not all, though. The company recently launched a dedicated app dealing with COVID-19 information, as well as a corresponding website. According to Cook the app has been downloaded more than two million times up to this point, and the website has been accessed by 3 million unique visitors since it launched.

Of course, Apple has also donated millions of dollars in an effort to battle the ongoing health crisis.