How to see which Mac apps can access photos, camera, microphone and more

Mac Security and Privacy Apps with Access

If you’re concerned about digital privacy, as you should be, we’ve shown you how to see which apps have access to items on your iPhone. Now, we’ll show you how to do the same on your Mac.

You can review the apps you’ve allowed to access your photos, camera, microphone, and other items. Then, you can then remove access if needed.

See which apps you have granted access to

It takes only a minute to review the apps you’ve allowed to access items on your Mac and it’s well worth your time. Head to your System Preferences using the icon in your Dock or Apple icon > System Preferences from the menu bar. Then follow these steps.

1) Select Security & Privacy.

2) Choose the Privacy tab.

3) Click each item on the left such as Photos, Camera, and Microphone. For each one, you’ll see the apps on the right that have access to that item.

This is also a great time to see which apps and services can access your full disk and your files and folders.

4) Uncheck those apps on the right that you want to remove access for. Note: To uncheck items with Full Disk Access, you’ll need to unlock the settings with the padlock in the corner and your password.

Mac Security and Privacy Apps with Access

More on Mac privacy

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Wrapping it up

Making sure that you only allow access to apps and services you want can keep you and your Mac safer.

Are you going to take a moment to run through the list of apps you’ve granted access to on your Mac? Or maybe this is something you make a point to check regularly? Let us know!