Keyboard shortcuts for Contacts on Mac

MacBook keyboard - Contacts app keyboard shortcuts

Looking for quicker and easier ways to navigate the Contacts app on your Mac? With keyboard shortcuts, you can create a new contact or group, edit a contact card, or even import contacts from another app.

Here are several keyboard shortcuts you can use for the Contacts app on Mac.

Keyboard shortcuts for Contacts

  • Create a new contact card: Command + N
  • Create a new group (or folder for Exchange accounts): Shift + Command + N
  • Create a new Smart Group: Option + Command + N
  • Show or hide groups: Command + 1
  • View a card and list: Command + 2
  • Go to the next card: Command + ] (right bracket)
  • Go to the previous card: Command + [ (left bracket)
  • Open a card in a new window: Command + I (capital letter “i”)
  • Edit the selected contact card: Command + L
  • Merge selected cards: Shift + Command + L
  • Mark a card as company or person: Command + \ (backslash)
  • Choose a custom image: Option + Command + I (capital letter “i”)
  • Save changes: Command + S
  • Import contacts from another app: Command + O (capital letter “o”)
  • Print: Command + P
  • Open Contacts Preferences: Command + , (comma)

Wrapping it up

There aren’t a lot of keyboard shortcuts for the Contacts app on Mac, but at the same time, there aren’t a lot of actions for the app either. Hopefully these shortcuts will help you navigate the app faster and do what you need quicker.

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