Apple Arcade adds the garbage collecting game ‘Scrappers’ to its library

Ever wanted to collect garbage off the streets of a futuristic city with up to three friends? Well now you can!

Apple Arcade on Friday welcomed Scrappers to its extensive library of single-player and multiplayer games. This new entry is developed and released by Q-Games, and it’s a game that allows up to four players at once to collect garbage off the streets in an effort to clean up the city. It’s not just trash in the way, but also rival teams that want to collect the garbage, too, which means there are some fighting mechanics as well.

But garbage collection is only part of the job. Rival teams will attack and interfere, and it’s up to you to dispose of them while staying on schedule!

Teamwork is key to maximizing efficiency and achieving high scores, which in turn unlocks new characters and customization options!

There are four vibrant areas to explore, with over 20 stages. As mentioned above the title supports up to four players at once, and there is a customization element that will let players change up the garbage truck with up to 100 unique parts. There are also competitive and fun mini-games to choose from as well.

The game also supports wireless MFi controllers, the Xbox Wireless controller, and the Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 controller for gameplay. The title is supported on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Do you think you’ll be checking Scrappers out?