iOS 14 code hints at Home screen widgets; screenshots show new wallpaper collections

We will have to wait until early June for Apple’s all-digital Worldwide Developers Conference to see any official news about the next version of iOS, but until then we’ve got plenty of rumors to sift through. The latest deal with wallpapers and widgets.

According to Twitter user DongleBookPro, Apple is going to make some big changes to the way iOS handles wallpapers for supported devices. The change will come with iOS 14, which is expected to arrive later this year. The screenshots shared on the social network earlier today reveal that Apple will separate wallpapers into specific collections.

With the improved organization, iOS users will be able to quickly dive into a collection they want to check out and see various wallpapers they can equip on their device(s). The collections include “Flowers”, “Classic Stripes”, and “Earth & Moon”.

That’s not all, though. The screenshots also show us users will be able to alter the “Home Screen Appearance”, which will let users set a dynamic wallpaper that can be used on the Home screen, and not on the Lock screen. This is similar to what’s present with the Apple Watch, for an additional source of reference. As far as options are concerned, the screenshots show that users will be able to choose from a dark version, a flat color, and a blurred background.

9to5Mac has additional information to share in light of these shared screenshots. The report indicates that Apple is currently working on a project known internally as “Avocado”, and it deals with a major change to the Springboard app, which controls the Home screen: widgets. Not just more widgets for the dedicated panel that’s set to the side of the Home screen, but actual widgets on the Home screen:

We can say that Apple is working to provide real widgets on the iPhone and iPad home screen for the first time. Instead of pinned widgets like on iPadOS 13, the new widgets on iOS 14 can be moved around, just like any app icon.

That would certainly be very exciting if it does indeed pan out. But it’s worth noting that plans can change, and even though Apple is working on this it doesn’t mean that the feature will see the light of day in a final version of the mobile operating system later this year. So temper that excitement for now.

This is also not the first time that we’ve heard about the wallpaper changes, which could indicate this is definitely a new addition to the mobile OS we should expect to see later this year. Back in March we reported that iOS 14 would allow support for third-party wallpapers, and that collections would also be an option.

We have also heard that iOS 14 will introduce new changes to the Activity rings for kids that have an Apple Watch, and that the new software will also boost iCloud Keychain’s capabilities to put it more in line with paid services like 1Password. And with CarKey, iOS 14 users with supported iPhones will be able to unlock, lock, and start NFC-equipped automobiles — including some BMW models.

Based on these reports of the incoming feature additions to iOS 14, are you looking forward to the next update? Let us know in the comments below.