Spotify’s Siri support launches on Apple Watch

Spotify’s Apple Watch software was updated on the App Store earlier this morning with Siri integration that launched on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, HomePad, CarPlay and AirPods in October of last year, following the initial release of the iOS 13.0 software update.

According to release notes accompanying Spotify’s 8.5.52 update, you can simply append “on Spotify” to your Siri wrist queries related to music, as in “Hey Siri, play music on Spotify”.

Version 1.0 of Spotify via Siri on Apple Watch (watchOS 6+) is available for your enjoyment. Try saying ‘Hey Siri, Play music on Spotify’ or any other voice query of your choice adding ‘on Spotify’ at the end. Happy try!

Siri integration for Spotify is available on all Apple Watch models powered by watchOS 6.0+.

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Spotify’s native Apple Watch app, launched in November 2018, currently does not support some of the more advanced features found in its iOS counterpart, including capabilities such as direct streaming via LTE watches and support for offline playback.

Other music apps can implement Siri integration because iOS 13 opened up the SiriKit framework to third-party apps that stream music, Internet radio, podcasts or audiobooks.

Spotify for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is a free download from App Store.