iPhone 11 Pro gives Nevada’s Valley of Fire awe-inspiring treatment in new shot-on-iPhone video

Apple on Sunday released a new shot-on-iPhone footage that tested the limits of the triple-lens camera on the iPhone 11 Pro, especially its ultra wide camera, with sweeping shots of the iconic sandstone structure found in Valley of Fire State Park located in Overton, Nevada.

The awesome video opens with the following message:

Fifty miles from Las Vegas lie the remains of a monumental geological process sculpted by 200 million years of wind and water. An ocean of rock, a valley of fire.

Aptly titled “A journey into the Valley of Fire” and running two minutes long, the breathtaking footage invites the viewer to see how the iPhone 11 Pro camera was used to capture “the otherworldly 4K video using the ultra wide camera in this deep dive into the Valley of Fire.”

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From the looks of it, additional professional equipment was almost certainly used in filming the video, such as camera rigs, stabilizers, drones and more.

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