Unc0ver v4.0.2 released to address issues with jailbreaking iOS 13.0-13.2.3

The unc0ver jailbreak received official support for iOS 13.0-13.3 on A12(X)-A13 devices over the weekend thanks to Brandon Azad’s OOB Timestamp tfp0 exploit, but from what we can gather, the release wasn’t without its initial flaws as a plethora of users reported issues when trying to jailbreak versions of iOS older than that of 13.3.

Fortunately for those affected by the aforementioned issues, Pwn20wnd has released yet another update for unc0ver to address them, this time bringing the jailbreak tool up to version 4.0.2. The hacker announced the update via Twitter just this afternoon:

Citing the change log on Pwn20wnd’s official GitHub page, unc0ver v4.0.2 incorporates the following changes:

02/17/2020 – v4.0.2 was released for production with the following changes:

– Fix iOS 13.0-13.2.3 support
– Fix injection into WebContent

If you were having issues jailbreaking iOS 13.0-13.2.3 with unc0ver initially, then this update should, in theory, rectify it.

It’s worth noting, however, that unc0ver v4.0.2 still only supports iOS 13.0-13.3 devices if they’re of the A12(X)-A13 variety. Those using A11 or older devices would need to use checkra1n to jailbreak iOS 13 instead.

As always, the latest version of unc0ver can and should be downloaded only from the unc0ver.dev website.

If you haven’t jailbroken with the new unc0ver already, then you can follow the steps in our detailed step-by-step tutorial to get started. Alternatively, you can use the AltStore method, which might be easier and more reliable down the road – we have a tutorial for that method as well.

Has unc0ver v4.0.2 made it easier for you to jailbreak your iOS 13.0-13.2.3 devices? Discuss in the comments.