Shiftscreen, Spindrop, Instant Measure and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps of the week

In this edition of our Apps of the Week roundup, we have an app that can project multiple tabs/windows from your iOS device to an external display, an app that lets you mix music like you mix colors, plus a different kind of measuring app. And as always, we’ve selected two great new games for you to check out.


Normally when you connect your iOS device to an external display or Apple TV, all you get is a reflection of your screen. Shiftscreen is looking to change that. This app allows you to view up to 6 browser windows (websites or documents) simultaneously. You manage everything from your iPhone or iPad, and you can change the content on the external display with a single tap.

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Mix music like you mix colors, with Spindrop. The app is the world’s first mashable Internet radio app, which lets you create perfectly mixed playlists using 11 different mix modes and effects, across 10 different stations. So no more pauses or dead air during your workout or party, Spindrop seamlessly transitions to the next song. It even works with Spotify (premium).

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Instant measure

Here’s kind of a cool tool. Using the advanced sensors on the latest iPhones, Instant Measure lets you instantly measure the distance between your camera and an object. Just use the front camera and align the marker on the center of the screen to instantly get a readout in feet and inches (or centimeters). The measurement is accurate between 6 inches and 15 feet.

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Veritas is a game of mystery and discovery, from Glitch Games, that poses the question: what is truth, and does it even matter. Storyline: while taking part in a study conducted by Veritas Industries, you find yourself waking up in a small room with no memory of what happened the day before. The last thing you remember is following people wearing white coats…

Download for $5

Sky Piper

Race through a wide variety of arcade style obstacles, spanning across 50 levels, in the jet arcade hit Sky Piper. Steer your jets through increasingly difficult tunnels, pipes and caves. Win at higher levels to receive higher rewards! Collect and mine crystals as you fly through space caves and use them to purchase items that will help you on your journey.

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