Planning to use unc0ver to pwn your iOS 13.0-13.3 A12(X)-A13 device? Get AltStore now

The unc0ver jailbreak is so close to publicly supporting iOS 13.0-13.3 on A12(X)-A13 that we can almost taste it. Support for Brandon Azad’s new oob_timestamp exploit was pushed into internal beta testing yesterday afternoon, and according to Pwn20wnd, unc0ver could be publicly available in the next 24 hours or so if everything goes smoothly.

Assuming you managed to downgrade to iOS 13.3 from iOS 13.3.1 before Apple stopped signing it yesterday or already had some version of iOS 13 installed between 13.0-13.3, you’re probably wondering what you can do to prepare your jailbreakable handset. If that’s the case, then we’d advise setting up AltStore on your Mac or PC.

As internal beta testing commenced yesterday, Pwn20wnd said that AltStore would become the “new official way to install the unc0ver jailbreak.” Those intentions were reaffirmed this morning as Pwn20wnd suggested preparing your devices:

Signing services like Ignition and iOS Ninja would still upload versions of unc0ver to their platforms, but since they’re prone to having their certificates revoked regularly, AltStore offers a substantial advantage in that it uses your Apple ID to sign and install third-party apps.

To use AltStore, you’ll need to visit the official website and download the software on your Mac or PC. The software can then be deployed on your iPhone or iPad, which then enables you to launch the app and install any of the third-party apps inside. You don’t need to be jailbroken to install AltStore, but AltStore will host the unc0ver jailbreak.

Those using iOS devices older than A12 can use the bootrom exploit-based checkra1n jailbreak to pwn iOS 13 right now. Pwn20wnd says he may consider adding support for additional devices on iOS 13.0-13.3 if time permits, but he doesn’t guarantee that this will ever materialize.

Will you be getting AltStore set up on your computer before the new iOS 13-supported unc0ver jailbreak launches? Discuss in the comments section below.