This week’s new arrival on Apple Arcade is Charrua Soccer

Apple Arcade on Friday picked up its latest arrival, a fun and challenging retro soccer game by Batovi Games Studios dubbed Charrua Soccer.

This retro soccer action lets you play against your friends or computer, as well as compete in three gameplay modes: Friendly Match, Competitions and Penalty Match.

Whether you’re a soccer fan or not so much, Charrua Soccer should keep you glued with its simple controls specifically optimized for casual gameplay, as well as retro 3D art that evokes nostalgia, challenging gameplay and such perks as women’s soccer.

Check out the gameplay video embedded below.

Moves like overhead kick, scorpion kick, scissors kick and diving header are nicely animated.

Despite its simplicity and approachability, Charrua Soccer features capable AI opponents with different playing styles and a lot of moves such as short and long passes with the ability to aim whilst shooting, controlled shoot or lobs, player skills, fouls, yellow and red cards and so forth.

The following competitions are supported:

  • Global Cup
  • American Cup
  • European Cup
  • Women’s Global Cup
  • Global Cup 1930 (evoking the first international cup with a retro look)
  • Charrua Cups (men and women)
  • Charrua League B
  • Charrua League A
  • Charrua Tournament

The game is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

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A free one-month trial is available.

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