Nvidia’s cloud gaming service that lets Mac users play PC games launched today

GeForce Now, Nvidia’s cloud gaming service that allows Mac owners play PC games, today exited beta and is now available to everyone.

Streaming quality PC games to your Mac

Priced at five bucks per month, the same as Apple Arcade, this service basically permits Mac gamers to play advanced games that are either unavailable on the macOS platform or requires too powerful hardware to run smoothly.

The company noted:

GeForce Now lets you use the cloud to join in. It’s the power to play PC games anywhere, on any device — even the billion devices that aren’t game ready. You’re upgrading to a state-of-the-art gaming rig by virtually adding a GeForce graphics card to your PC, Mac, Shiled or Android phone.

If you have a fast broadband connection, you can now play some of the highest-end PC games that are available today. There’s no need to install anything because gameplay video is streamed in real time to your Mac, which acts as a dumb display device. You also get the precision of keyboard and mouse gaming, as well as optimizations for game controllers.

According to Nvidia, “That Mac, which for years has seen fewer games published for it or lost compatibility, can now play the latest games.”

The power of the cloud

There’s no need to repurchase games you already own because Nvidia has teamed up with existing PC game stores like Steam and big name publishers to make your purchases available on GeForce Now.. With GeForce NOW, you can keep playing the games you already own and continue building libraries from the same stores you already use every day. That’s what it means to be an open platform.

At launch, GeForce Now offered 30+ free-to-play games out of a total of hundreds of games from more than 50 publishers that were available on the platform. In addition, you get more than a thousand titles which can be played through single-session installs. In other words, you must already own or purchase titles to play them.

New arrivals are added weekly based on member requests, game popularity and publishers’ input. There’s currently no iOS client for GeForce Now, which is a shame because the iPad Pro with its powerful hardware seems perfect for cloud gaming.

Chrome support is coming soon, said the company.

Pricing and availability

GeForce Now is available now for $4.99 per month with free memberships available, too.

The free tier offers one-hour sessions with standard access to GeForce Now servers in North America and Europe, without a cap in terms of the number of sessions you can play.

Premium membership brings extended session length up to six hours, priority server access and access to RTX ray tracing content on GeForce Now. Regardless of your membership type, the service will work one any supported device without any additional hardware.