How to quickly get your saved passwords with Siri

Ask Siri For Passwords iPhone

We all have tons and tons of passwords for sites we visit. And if you use iCloud Keychain to save them, you can use Siri to see them. Yes, this is just one more thing to add to your Siri-Can-Do list.

If you need a password in a hurry, instead of navigating to your settings to get it, here’s how to ask Siri to quickly show you your saved passwords.

Use Siri to get passwords on iPhone and iPad

Access Siri in your most favorite way on your device. You can then say “Show my passwords” or “What’s my [name] password?”.

Siri will then open your settings directly to the area containing your saved usernames and passwords. Use Touch ID, Face ID, or enter your password.

If you asked to show them all, you’ll see them all. If you asked for a specific password, for example, Amazon, you’ll see only those for Amazon.

Whats My Amazon Password Siri iPhone

Use Siri to get passwords on Mac

On Mac, it’s just as easy to get Siri’s help with your saved passwords. Just say or type “Show my passwords” or “What’s my [name] password?”.

Whats My Amazon Password Siri Mac

Your System Preferences will open right to the Password tab. Enter your password and then you’ll see either your entire password list or the specific one you asked Siri for without having to scroll or search.

Amazon Passwords Mac

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Wrapping it up

The next time you need to grab one of your saved passwords and you’re in a rush, let Siri do the work for you.

What’s your favorite thing to use Siri for? Are there any other cool things you’ve discovered that Siri can do? Feel free to share in the comments below or on Twitter!