tvOS 13.3 restores Apple TV Up Next, here’s how to turn it on

Apple TV

Apple on Tuesday released an update to tvOS, the operating system that powers its fourth and fifth-gen Apple TV set top boxes, the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K. The free tvOS 13.3 update is available for download now.

tvOS 13.3 arrives about a month and a half after tvOS 13.2 was released. The set top box operating system is typically updated in lockstep with its iOS counterpart. Apple notes in online support documents that the new version of tvOS “includes general performance and stability improvements.”

While it wasn’t worthy of note by Apple in support documentation, there is an Apple TV app interface change in the new release that will please folks who disliked a change introduced with tvOS 13. Apple has been using the Top Shelf section of the Apple TV app to feature TV shows and movies it wants to promote, whether you like it or not.

Now it’s ceding control back to you. tvOS 13.3 lets you switch that Top Shelf material to Up Next, the queue featuring content from shows you already watch. Here’s how to get back the way it used to work.

To make the Apple TV app show Up Next

1) Update your Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K to tvOS 13.3.

TIP: How to update your Apple TV software

2) Click on the Settings app.

3) Click on Apps.

4) Click on the TV app.

5) Under the Home Screen section, click Top Shelf.

Clicking the remote will switch between What to Watch and Up Next.

Any questions?

Any issues with tvOS 13.3 so far? Happy to have your Up Next info back in the Apple TV app Top Shelf, where it belongs? Let us know in the comments.