Apple releases tvOS 13.2

It’s been weeks of beta seeds, but Apple is finally ready to release the next major update to the Apple TV.

Apple has released tvOS 13.2 to the public. The version number aligns tvOS with other iOS-based releases. As is par for the course, this software update for the Apple TV is free. It is available to download and install now. If you have Automatic Updates turned on the software will automatically be installed, so you won’t have to manually update your set-top box.

There aren’t any obviously visible changes in this release except that users are now given the option to opt-in to Siri audio recordings to improve Siri and Dictation. If you agree to “share audio recordings,” Apple can review a sample of your stored audio. Users who wish to opt out at a later date can do so.

This software update addresses any lingering bugs that have been discovered since the public launch of tvOS 13 earlier this year. It will also add overall performance enhancements as well. However, unless Apple has added something for the public launch, there are no major new features available for the set-top box lineup.

tvOS 13.2 is available now.