iOS 13.3 restores the ability to keep a trimmed clip alongside the original video

The iOS 13.3 software update that dropped today brought a bunch of bug fixes to iPhones and iPads around the world along with new features like Screen Time Communication Limits, a handy Memoji Stickers toggle for the stock keyboard and more. But there’s one particular feature that we’d like to highlight because Apple has tucked it away as a side-note in the bug-fixes section of the iOS 13.3 changelog. I’m talking about trimming videos in Photos.

Before iOS 13 came along, trimming iPhone footage in the Photos app would always create a new clip. You ended up with a pair of videos in Photos — the original, full-length footage and its shorter, trimmed counterpart — wasting precious storage space and bandwidth.

iOS 13.0’s Photos has enabled non-destructive video editing, meaning a trimmed video no longer needed to be saved as a separate clip because you could always revert your changes and restore the original, non-trimmed footage. In iOS 13.3, however, you can now decide whether or not you’d like to keep a trimmed clip alongside its original-length version.

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I prefer to be asked when tapping Done whether or not a trimmed version should be kept in Photos as a new clip, and that’s precisely what the new iOS 13.3 update does for you and me.

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