App Store updates not working? You’re not alone

App Store Updates shortcut iPhoneAt some point recently some iPhone users discovered that their phones were not updating apps. App Store updates don’t seem to be pushing out, and users are having trouble forcing them too. Are you among them? Read on for details.

At some time in the last few days something went wrong with the App Store update process, at least for some iPhone users. Many are taking to social media and discussion forums to complain about apps that seem to be stuck waiting for updates.

Various complaints have popped up on Twitter:

Among those casualties is own dear leader, Sébastien:

It doesn’t seem specific to iOS 13, either:

iOS 13 changed the app update behavior of iPhones. To make room for Apple Arcade games, Apple got rid of the Updates tab in the App Store app. In fact, it’s confusing enough that we even created a how to so you can find your updates again:

TUTORIAL: How to quickly access App Store updates from your Home screen

UI changes to the App Store aside, the problem of apps not updating when they’re supposed to is an entirely different problem. A problem with no clear solution at present. Users have tried everything from force-quitting the App Store app to rebooting the iPhone, to signing in and out of Apple services again. But those afflicted are still running into problems.

To add to the confusion, it’s not happening to everyone. In fact, my 13.2.3 update on my iPhone XR went just fine, and I was able to download any apps that needed to be updated without incident.

Still, it’s happening to enough folks that it certainly gives pause that there’s something afoot, either with the App Store or the update process, to cause these problems. People have been complaining to the Apple Support account on Twitter, but so far there doesn’t seem to be a consistent fix.

Are you having trouble? Have you found a fix? Let us know in the comments.