How to record video or take a photo right in iMovie

Recording Video FT Camera Mac

You don’t always have the right video clips or images for the movies you create in iMovie. Luckily, you can record video or snap photos right from the app. This lets you go get the shots you want for your video and access them immediately within your iMovie project.

This tutorial shows you how to record video or take photos right in iMovie.

Record video or snap a photo on Mac

Open iMovie on your Mac along with your project for editing. Then, do the following to use your Mac’s built-in camera.

1) Click the Import button (downward arrow) on the top left side of the window or click File > Import Media from the menu bar.

2) Under Cameras in the sidebar, select your built-in camera such as the FaceTime HD Camera.

3) At the top of the window, choose an option from the Import to drop-down box if you want to change the location of the video. Otherwise, you can leave it as Project Media so it will be available in that area of your current project.

4) Click the red Record button at the bottom to start recording your video and click it again when you’re done. You can use this button to just snap a quick photo if you prefer.

5) Click Close on the bottom right when you finish to close the camera / import window.

iMovie Record Video FT Camera Mac

Now back on your project, click My Media in the Browser at the top and you should see your video or photo and can drag it to your Timeline where you want it.

iMovie My Media Mac

Record video or take a photo on iOS

It’s just as easy to record video or snap a photo in iMovie on iPhone or iPad. Open the app to your project and then follow these steps.

1) Select the place in your movie Timeline where you want to insert the video or photo.

2) Tap the plus sign on the left to add media.

3) Choose Camera.

4) Tap to pick either Video or Photo and then use the Capture button as you normally would.

Camera Video Photo iMovie iPhone

5) If you record video, you can see a preview of the video by pressing the Play button. When you finish, tap Use Video or Use Photo for whichever you chose or tap Retake to redo it.

Use Video Use Photo iMovie iPhone

You’ll land back on your project with your video or photo inserted in the spot you selected.

Wrapping it up

Being able to record video, or even take a photo, right within the iMovie app gives you an easy way to capture exactly what you need for your movie. Are you going to give it a try? Let us know in the comments below!

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